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Discussion in 'ECU Tuning' started by RedK24, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. RedK24

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    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if someone who has had their vehicle tuned by a professional (Vit, local shop or similar) could take a recent datalog and send it my way? I'm looking for part throttle situations, maybe a trip through a city with a lot of stop/go traffic. I want to be clear I am not asking you for a calibration, I'm just looking for a datalog.

    I'm in the process of self tuning and want to be sure I'm on the right track. As I'm not comfortable with ignition timing, my current goals are to optimize my fuel map for the factory ignition tables. I hear we have a bit of leeway with regards to our cam angle maps, I may start experimenting with those after I straighten out my fuel

    Thanks! :)
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    U won’t get anything from most people. Most tuners lock their tunes.
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  3. RedK24

    RedK24 Well-Known Member

    This is why I just requested a datalog, am I to understand that datalogs taken from calibrations which have locked tables & parameters aren't viewable ?
  4. dpetro1

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    What are you looking to find in said datalog?
    Datalogs can be viewed even of the calibration is locked.

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  5. RedK24

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    I'm looking to compare logs from a professionally tuned vehicle in "daily driving" part throttle situations (low MAP pressure) vs the logs I have taken from my vehicle during similar driving conditions. :thumbsup:
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