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Suspension options


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Hey guys I've had many setups on my 8th from springs to Coilovers but was wondering what guys are running on their 9th. Not sure if I want coils or springs and if I get springs will the stock shocks still be good. I've had S-Tech/ koni yellows, BC Racing coils and HSD hr coils. I want to get rid of the gap but don't want to sacrifice ride comfort cause I drive it way too much to sacrifice the comfort.


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How's it drive? Any pics. Are you local?

It drives to my liking. It can be a bit bouncy at times, but I do have my shocks/struts turned up slightly. I'm in NH, I don't know anyone else on here in the area.




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Yeah that's a good combo. If you're not looking to be super low or slammed the 1.5" drop is pretty nice. Im on just about the same setup. With the Koni's if you make em full soft setting its pretty comfortable. Im turned up about halfway and its a little harsh. I definitely get a headache from it on long drives. Like 8+ hours in the car will do it.