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Will 2013 Eibach sportsline springs fit 2014 si sedan?


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There were changes with the isolators or something in 2014. Some have purchased the 2014 isolators from honda to make it work, and others claim theirs work without the isolators. Maybe @PRO Civic can explain the changes (if they know). I know some said it works, but then later complained of noises from their suspension.
The actual springs are wound differently (reversed I think) on the rears for 2014+ models. Purchasing an isolator will make it work, but I would really just recommend getting springs made for a 2014+.


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the sportline springs will physically fit, however they lower the car on a 14-15 about .4-.5" more than advertised on a 12-13... i would not recommend this with factory struts. Thats why Eibach doesn't list them on their website because if people used them on the 14 and 15 civics they would probably blow the factory struts pretty quick.