12 Day Of Xmas Xmas thanks to vendors


Toys For Tots
I just want to give a big thanks to the vendors who helped out this year for the 12 days of Xmas. Without their donations, this whole thing wouldn't be possible. We've kept the tradition going since 2006 I believe, and I'm glad it's still possible.

@Strut King

It means a lot you took part in participating this year. I also want to thank those who participated in toys for tots this year. That's another tradition that's been ongoing for 10yrs. Every little bit counts, and we are being matched toy for toy this year.

Thanks again and happy holidays to everyone this year.
I wanna thank webby and all the vendors that chipped in to this. :happydance:

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I want to give big thanks to @webby, 9thcivic forum, and all the vendors for supporting this Xmas gift event. You guys are awesome. I received the gifts and they are wonderful.
MySIck, college hills honda for the hook up for the last day! I just received my mystery box today as well as @webby's stuff. Guess i'll receive the rest when I get back! Pics to come when I get back.....if i remember

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