2012 Civic EX-L Cracked front & rear window belt moldings

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  1. rjprice

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    Howdy to all from Texas,

    I have a 2012 4d Civic EX-L and all of the lower window belt moldings are cracked and need to be replaced. Too soon if you ask me. I've watched Utube vids of other gens of civics but can't seem to find either a vid or a written procedure for removing the belt molding. Anyone done this? The dealer wants $100+ per window.

    Much appreciated...
  2. webby
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    It should be identical to this here. The 8th gens and 9th gen civics are almost identical in a lot of ways.

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hUaO3OI8-Wg
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  3. rjprice

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    Thanks. I wondered if they r&r the same as the older models.
  4. ktx

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    I just replaced these on a 2012 Honda Civic Ex. The only slight difference I noticed from the 8th Gen is that I needed to loosen the trim piece on the back of the rear window. There is a little screw inside the door to do that. (Note: I took it completely off on one door, but found that wasn't really neccessary)
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  5. Aviator6

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    My thanks to Webby & ktx. I did my passenger side today, no problem. They do require quite a bit of force to make the clips let go & if I hadn't seen the video, I might have thought that there was something else holding them in place. Funny, both of the driver side trim pieces were fine. I guess the car was parked a lot where the sun just hit the passenger side.
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