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    I bought a used 2012 civic ex in July paid $12k had 65000kms. Its a nice ride, I like the look of the car. 2 door sun roof rally red. Sexy. And its a Honda civic which is going to last me a long time, I take care of my vehicles I paint brackets and parts as they rust and I paint new parts before I install, tremclad black with a brush equals no rust, lots of grease and anti seize. oil under coat her myself make sure I get every nook and cranny, lots of road salt in Canada. I turn my own wrenches, always oem parts, cheap parts don't last imo..good if your wallets thin in a pinch but junk in the long run.

    LOL, soon as I got the car home it went up on jack stands and I made my rounds on it. the air breather wasn't connected properly at throttle body and it was sucking air, whether the dealer did that to make it more peppy. but I was not pleased about that, sucking dirt. I checked the manual tranny fluid because it was a bit stiff shifting for a low mile car, sure enough to my dismay I had maple syrup for fluid, swapped it out with oem fluid, two weeks later swapped again, Made a big difference.

    Ahhhh dealers.....

    went with a synthetic oil change the works. Royal purple. I can't believe 0w20 that's crazy but it means no dry starts in the cold of winter with fluid that thin. Also good lubrication throughout engine with such a low viscosity fluid Was thinking of an Injen cold air setup. Might just wait until the motor gets tired and see what JDM can set me up with. Gas mileage is what I went for. I try searching for performance stuff and all I ever find is old posts saying nothing exists and 2.4l si stuff. The only thing that's hard getting use to at first was the drive by wire junk. I think I might get this to solve the problem! Sprint booster performance chip $350 price tag, they claim its a 25% increase in throttle response.. its the hesitation and the feeling of not feeling if you know what I mean, its like you can't feel the motor with your foot. Hard to explain. I would prefer a throttle cable setup. But this is the FUTURE!!!

    It would be awesome if someone could link me some performance options, probably have to turbo it. or see what JDM has down the road.
    Overall Its a nice ride. no complaints I will have it for a long time.
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    This topic has been pretty much beat to death. The r18 motor was built for fuel economy. To get any sort of performance gains you need forced induction.


    The sprint booster chip is a gigantic waste of money. It just changes the voltage sent to the ecu. The same can be achieved by pushing the pedal further. It literally just makes the ecu think you’ve depressed the pedal 100% when it’s only depressed 50% and so on. So, mash your pedal further, and you will have the identical result.
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    There supposedly is the option to tune your car with Hondata to get rid of the rev hang so the drive by wire would have a bit more cable throttle response that you want.

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