2014 Civic LX good deal?

Discussion in 'Dealership Experiences' started by CivicFan, Jul 19, 2019.

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    We needed a good inexpensive vehicle for when I need to go into the office so we purchased a 2014 Civic LX manual sedan with 41,250 miles for an out the door with TTL included price of $11k. It may have one or two small scratches where you’d expect it but it looks very clean and the interior is very clean. Clean CarFax too with all of the service noted. The trans fluid was changed at 30k miles.

    I think it’s a good deal but what do y’all think? The dealer advertised it for $10.9 but that’s not including TTL. I believe the before TTL price was $9.8k. We are in Texas so sales tax is 6.25%
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    I’d say you did really well. According to kelly blue book - from a dealership - in good condition - with those miles - your trim/sedan. Prices below are without taxes.

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    NADA retail which is what our credit union goes off of came back at $11.3K which they don’t factor TTL being a part of that.

    The hilarious part was when we started the negotiations on the price. They tried telling me they were into the car at $11.5 when I rejected their initial $12.5 OTD offer. I told the sales manager they paid way too much for it and I chuckled. . I had started at $10K OTD so the number we agreed upon was closer to my offer which is a win for me.
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