Aftermarket Pioneer radio install civic 2012 LX (without losing bluetooth)

Discussion in 'Audio Setups & Aftermarket Head Units' started by Charles M, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Ok I'm new to this site and english isn't my first language so I'll try my best...

    I have installed an aftermaket subwoofer to the factory radio (through the rear speakers with an amp that I believe is connected to the radio) and it cannot reproduce the same frequencies as it did with my aftermarket radio (Pioneer DEH-P5000UB).
    I heard that to protect the speakers, the amp of the radio doesn't play low frequencies, so it's the same problem with the sub.

    Briefly, I wanna change my radio without losing the bluetooth for my phone. But, the bluetooth is connected to the factory radio and the removal of that radio to replace it with an aftermarket one would lose the bluetooth function.

    So, I would like to know if it's possible to keep the factory radio + install the Pioneer radio and transfer all the sound wires from the factory to the Pioneer in order to have good sound quality AND to keep the bluetooth...

    I don't know if I was clear haha but I would really like if I could get any advice..


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    I can't answer you're question, but I understood exactly what you said. :thumb:
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    The bluetooth module is inside of the radio. Pioneers have infamously bad Bluetooth connections. This may be partially to blame on crappy microphones or the bluetooth modules themselves. You might have to go to a audio forum for those to whom stereos are a hobby to get the correct answer.
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    The problem will be that your bluetooth audio goes through the stock speakers. You'd have to keep audio wires hooked up to the stock stereo to have your bluetooth working. If you unhook those speaker wires, you'll not get Bluetooth audio. Hopefully this makes sense to you. Ask questions if not
  5. Charles M

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    Oh ok I get it. So it wouldn't be possible unless there's speaker wires conected both to the stock and aftermarket radio, which would be really complicated.
    I guess I'll simply buy a bluetooth ear. Thanks for your answers.

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