F1 Redbull Pit Stop World Record

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    Red Bull Pit Crew Change All Four Tires In Just 1.88 Seconds!

    This clip, filmed from a viewing area directly above Red Bull’s pitbox, shows the team quickly replace the car’s intermediate tires with slicks as the circuit began to dry during the action-packed race. Everything happens so fast that we actually recommend watching the video at 0.25x speed to see how seamlessly every member of the pit crew works. The racing outfit broke its own record by changing all four tires on Max Verstappen’s car in 1.88 seconds at the German Grand Prix over the weekend.

    View: https://youtu.be/1I-CV59aO_0
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    If I'm counting right that's an 18 person pit crew. Still impressively fast. I'd be worried about running someone over with that much clutter in the pit box.
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