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First Oil Change - 2013 Civic LX Sedan

Discussion in 'Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat' started by Jhun, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Jhun

    Jhun Active Member

    I just purchased my 13 civic last August and this is the first time to change the oil. I have around 4600 miles and my Maintenance info on MID says 60% oil life. I checked my oil and it's not dark yet. I have 2 options for oil changing:

    1. Dealers' Oil Change
    - Do they just change the oil and filter? Or they rotate my tires too? People says 'some' dealers do something* in your car that makes you go back and forth to them. I don't know if its a myth or a fact. Do I have to trust the dealer for this?

    2. DIY...
    - Is it recommended to replace the drain plug with Fumoto valve for easy oil change(next time)? Which model of valve that fits? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_automotive?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Fumoto&node=15684181

    - Please recommend type of Oil and Filter brand.

  2. FB2Chris

    FB2Chris Well-Known Member

    Every dealer is different. Some may change the filter every other oil change. Some may say they rotated your tires but didn't. The latter part of your first question is a myth. It is, however, up to you whether or not to trust a certain dealer. If you are able to DIY, that's the route to go; you'll know for a fact what has been done and what has not. The OEM drain plug works just fine. I have a magnetic drain plug which collects small metal particles within the oil. Finally, I use Mobil 1 oil (0W-20) and filter.
  3. webby
    • Staff
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    webby Administrator

    If I went to my local dealer and said I wanted an "oil change", that's all they'd do. Your dealer may differ and offer various services. I'd just call and ask what's included, or what they charge for both.

    As for a dealer doing something that makes you keep coming back...no. They just drain the oil, replace the filter, and give it back to you. They won't change the oil on your car without putting a new filter on.

    The valve would be handy if you were doing your own changes. A magnetic drain bolt is also a decent choice. That's totally up to you though.

    Oil...any 0w-20 oil will be decent. There aren't a ton of options out there right now. Mobil 1 is a popular choice. Honda sells their own 0w-20 if you want to go that route as well
  4. Jhun

    Jhun Active Member

    Thanks for the reply guys. Anyways, in case i do it myself, does it void the warranty?
  5. FB2Chris

    FB2Chris Well-Known Member

    Nope :)

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