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    hey guys. New to this forum.. I was looking at forums on front end swaps and fog lights and was wondering if Sedan fog lights for a coupe front? I was looking into doing a coupe front swap but I want to order sedan fog lights... will it work out?
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    I think I understand what you're asking. From my understanding all the bumpers for 9th gen Civics are interchangeable whether it is a coupe or a sedan so I don't believe there would be much of an issue with the fog lights set up. If my response isn't really correct then this thread could probably help you out.
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    The model year matters as the fog shape changes, and certain bumper swaps also require headlight/fender/hood changes depending on what model year you have, and what model year front end you’re trying to swap. Without those details, it may or may not work. So, details on what specific year/model you have would be a start, and your profile doesn’t say anything about your car.

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