Loose steering wheel?

Discussion in 'Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat' started by snahfu, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    I installed some 20mm wheel spacers and loved the way it stiffened up the steering wheel. The car felt more stable in general. About 3 months later, I noticed the steering wheel is really loose to a point where when I'm going 65-70 on highways, I'll really need to grip the steering wheel hard since it feels like strong winds are pushing the car left and right.

    I just got my wheels balanced but after it was completed,the mechanic said a balance or wheel alignment didnt seem like the problem. He suggested possibly the wheel spacers itself or I could replace the steering fluid (but I believe my 2014 civic lx does not using power steering fluid).

    Could it be a tire rod issue? When turning the wheel left and right, I do not hear any noise.

    Again car is a 2014 civic lx with 67,000 miles on it.

    Any suggestions as to what I can try before I remove the spacers?
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    look for marks on the spacers, seems like a tire shop might be able to fix it.
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    retorque the wheel spacers too

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