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    Hello my fellow 9th geners. Ive been on these forums for a few years now but never made an account untill now. Ive owned my 9th gen Si since 2013 and have been slowly building it to what it is today. Absolutely love this car and i plan on building it further in the future. Goal this year is to do some more chassis/suspenssion upgrades, maybe new Coilovers and control arms and of course some nice new sticky tires.

    Ported RBC manifold
    Hybrid racing adapter
    Ktuned 3.5" short Ram
    Rdx injectors
    Zdx throttle body
    Ktuned fuel rail
    Ktuned catless DP
    Ktuned exhaust
    Ktuned CMC and slave cylinder
    Acuity shifter bushings
    Acuity short shifter
    Competition stage 1.5 clutch
    Action flywheel
    Tanabe strut bar
    Ktuned k1 Coilovers
    Skunk2 control arms
    Progress rear 24mm sway bar
    Upgraded Moog endlinks all around
    Stop tech blank rotors and Hawk HPS pads
    Enkei rpf1 17x9 +35

    She made 228 to the wheels tuned by dynamotorsports in Toronto. since I have the car stored this winter, I would like to do some chassis upgrades, maybe add some Megan racing braces, rigid collars etc etc. Also looking to go with some new tires just haven't decided what I should go with. If anyone has any advice that would be amazing!

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    really nice looking setup you have there! Anything you don't specifically don't like about your current coilovers?

    firestone indy 500 tires have been getting a lot of attention
    if you're willing to spend more, the michelin pilot super sport or michelin sport 4s have both outperformed pretty much every summer tire in testing
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    Nice ride man. Think u actually have more mods then me!!
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    Your tire choice should be based on what type of driving you plan on doing with the car vs life expectancy you would like out of the tires. Webby's suggestions are good if you are looking for a summer tire and do mostly if not all street driving. If your looking to do track or autocross time there are other options that work better but it comes at the expense of tire life. I have run both the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec and the Falken Azenis RT-615K+ and they are both a great tire.
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    I don't drive my car hard (some spirited driving) but I'm liking the Indy 500 tires. :thumbsup:

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