DIY P2R Intake Resonator Delete Install

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    Tools needed
    -Jack stand
    -4 way lug nut tool
    -Socket wrench
    -10mm socket
    -Flat head screwdriver

    Step 1. Remove the left front wheel

    Step 2.remove these two clips and there's a plastic tab connected to the shield on the bottom right just pull it back from it's location. image.jpg

    Step 3.remove all the the clips that hold the inner wheel shield but leave the last three Phillips screws on the bottom right on! There's also one more clip on the bottom underneath the bumper and a 10 mm bolt that you will have to remove in order too remove the shield.i will post up pictures of those bolts when I get home!

    Step 4.
    Remove theses two 10mm bolts

    Step 5. Remove the 2 retainers from the snorkel it's kinda hidden on top in the inner fender but it's visible just follow snorkel upwards and you can't miss it. (sorry I didn't take a picture of it)

    Step 6. There's a hidden 10mm bolt holding the resonator in place it will be to the left of the snorkel on too of the bottom resonator remove that bolt.

    Step 7. Jiggle the resonator back and down to remove the unit.

    Step 8. You should have the resonator out now drill the pivot out and remove the resonator from the unit.


    Step 9. Add the P2R resonator delete to the bottom were the resonator was removed from and that's it do everything in reverse!
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  2. sein929

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    If you need any help you can message me and let me know if things are unclear I will try and help out the best I can I'm sorry for any in convince well here's my write up :)
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    Did it change the sound any?

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