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    Recently noticed that the driver's side window pushed the top seal up into the channel and created two pinches about 10" apart. So between the two circled areas the seal is pushed up into the top channel and pinched at each circle. I carefully pried the seal out, but due to the pinches it's now deformed & will not stay in place. So the window just continues to push it up. Has anyone encountered this issue and come up with a remedy aside from replacing? And, probably more important, why did this happen?

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    Can you slowly raise the window and hold that piece out and park the car in the sun for a while? Maybe it’ll help form that piece to sit back in place. It may be worth a shot before having that piece replaced or something.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Heat has occurred to me though I was thinking of a hair dryer. I'll try almost any relatively simple remedy first so slo-mo in the heat will be first.
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    Update: The sun, some gently persuasion and a very thin plastic ruler did the trick. Slowly raised with window with the ruler holding most of the seal in place and voila. Fixed. Not sure what happens next time I put the window down. At least there's a known fix. And no $ spent on it.
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