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    Hi everyone, was curious whether the Ralco RZ pulleys for 8th gen R18 will also work with 9th gen R18. I've noticed that that NST pulleys do work with 9th gen motor. Would it be safe to assume the same for the Ralco RZ?

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    Not worth the pain in the butt to install vs gain/feel. The Ralco's were very nice and used stock belts. They don't under/over drive anything and just save some weight. A stiffer rear lower engine mount will be more immediate performance you can use and feel. I would spend the $$ there having gone down both routes with my car.

    EDIT: I did like the pulleys when I had them on but found other parts later that seemed more bang for the buck. So, if you are set on getting them I don't think you'll regret it. Just the install will make you regret it big time. hahaha

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