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    Hello, first of all thank you for the membership

    i bought a civic 2014 two years ago, and yesterday i had to change the battery. That lead to the SD navigation asking for a code.
    I have talked with some of the local Honda dealers, and they tell me it has no code, and if it askes for one, it is something the previous owner has created.

    the dealer i bought it from has bought it on an auction and doesn't know the previous owner.
    Honda is telling me that they need to send it to France for it to be unlocked.

    i've tried some of the guides in here with holding down different buttons, but nothing seems to work.


    Any ideas?
  2. Klaus Truelsen

    Klaus Truelsen New Member

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    Almost all of the users here are from the US and Canada and our radios definitely look a lot different from yours. Can you tell if your radio is a factory radio found in civics in your country? If your manual doesn’t explain a reset procedure, you may also have luck at as most of their users have the euro civic models.

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