Third Brake Light Fell Inside Trunk Panal

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    Hey! I couldn't find anything on youtube or google about what I'm trying to do for my model, so here I am.

    My third brake light fell within the top half of the trunk panel on a 2013 Coupe EX.

    I took two black bolts off on on each end, and could see two white panel fasteners which I squeezed through. (Picture shows them back in place though).

    I began pulling the top piece of the trunk off thinking it would come off easily but it feels like if I apply any more pressure things will bend or snap, feeling like it is glued or held in very strongly. I saw a black body panel fastener when trying to pry it off within the trunk piece but figured that should have snapped with the amount of pressure I was using.

    I couldn't see or find any other bolts holding it in unless I'm missing something or they only made this dealership fixable. Thank you for any suggestions.

    I've attached some pictures to help illustrate.

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    only 2 pics I found with diagrams on the parts list for the trunk and brake light setup. I don't know if these help you or not.

    part 7 in the first picture is the brake light you had fall out.



    on the right hand side the 2nd and 3rd pic down dhow the trunk garnish and tail light that came out. It appears that there are a number of clips and bolts that hold that garnish on to the trunk lid itself.

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    Thanks for the help. I took off the trunk carpet and found a master bolt in the center that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. That was the final release needed to remove the piece. Thanks for the help.
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