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Recent content by webby

  1. webby

    Trans swap?

    The si 6 speed trans does not bolt up to the lx, if that’s what you’re asking.
  2. webby

    Planning on supercharging my 9th gen, what’s the rough tq/hp limit on the stock trans?

    I actually don’t think I’ve seen anyone below 400hp have a gear go. It was usually 4th gear on hard pulls with turbo setups. You shouldn’t have to do anything to your trans with what you’re wanting to do.
  3. webby

    Battlefield 4 / Battlefield 4 Beta

    have you been playing any battlefield?
  4. webby

    Health/Fitness Routines?

    let me introduce you to "ridiculously photogenic guy" captured while running a marathon. I cannot believe this was 2012. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ridiculously-photogenic-guy
  5. webby

    2022 Subaru WRX

    Wow that does not look good. Who came up with that design? :confused:
  6. webby

    Mother Of All Whore Threads Non-VIP Edition v.1

    @ethlar had his modded on a koni suspension. I remember seeing pics from killboy or whatever from before and after and it totally changed the body roll at the dragon.
  7. webby

    What do you do at work? (pics)

    Do you have to replace the rear quarter with the gas cap?
  8. webby

    Mother Of All Whore Threads Non-VIP Edition v.1

    the grumpy cat avatar goes with the statement
  9. webby

    Mother Of All Whore Threads Non-VIP Edition v.1

    My my my. Manual v6 goodness
  10. webby

    Official NFL Football Thread

    I watched a highlight video from your ravens late last night. That looked like it would have been a stressful, but good game to watch. Clearly it wasn't the outcome you wanted though.
  11. webby

    Mother Of All Whore Threads Non-VIP Edition v.1

    Sorry to hear. Hopefully he returns quickly :bighug:
  12. webby

    2021 ILX full race exhaust

    2016+ ilx is a new body style. The 9th gen civic can share some parts with the ilx from 2012-2015. I would ask what exhausts can be used on the Acura forums without doing custom work? I can’t imagine the 9th gen would fit, since the ilx changed in 2016.
  13. webby

    2022 Subaru WRX

    It’s a turbo crosstrek sedan. The shape and look of the plastic wheel arch pieces :iough:
  14. webby

    Big bass build

    13 dx would not have premium audio, so you do not have a factory amp/sub.
  15. webby

    Big bass build

    I haven’t seen anyone really come up with a “solution” to it. I know there are people with aftermarket speakers and amps, but I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone resolve the way the oem alternator works.