14-15 UAE/JDM HONDA CIVIC SI SEDAN (LHD) information...


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in asia, 9th gen civic are available only in sedan platform, also, due to emission (annual cc penalty), the biggest engine available is 2.0 (R20)

however in 2014, honda asia release a limited edition civic si sedan for some asian countries that uses LHD vehicles, it's pretty much a usdm 2013 civic si with some differences...

in 2014 honda only produce a total of 300 asian spec civic si sedan, in 2015, honda also just produce 300 asian spec civic si sedan... so, a total of 600 si sedan were produced, less than 14-15 mugen civic 2.0. available only in some asian countries that uses RHD vehicles.

1) k24y6 engine, the engine are 207hp compare to 2013 k24z7 at 201hp, the 6hp bump is from the underdrive pulley kit mostly found on type-r models
2) leather interior

civic si leather interior.jpg

3) sliding cup holders
4) dual climate control ac found only on exl touring in usdm models
5) uae projector hid headlights with auto leveling
6) rear diffuser with rear fog light (f1 3rd brake light)

civic si 1.jpg

7) radar sensor
8) auto folding mirror with signal light
9) jdm red hazard switch
10) dashboard trim still use usdm 2012 model
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