2013 Civic steering wheel controls confusion


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Hi All,

I have just installed a new after market head unit, the Kenwood DMX5020S and I am pretty confused as to what I need to get the steering wheel controls hooked up.

The head unit has some cabling for the controls, it does not take the 3.5mm plug so not sure what I need.

Manuals for the head unit is here https://www.kenwood.com/au/car/visual_navigation/dmx5020s/support.html?model=DMX5020S#manual

Just wondering if someone could ELI5 as to what the best option is. Googling it comes up with far too many things and I really don't get what I am seeing.

The car does not have the premium audio system and on the steering wheel it has the usual volume, track select, answer and hangup buttons. It does not have the voice button on the call controls if that makes any difference.

Am in Australia, and would like to avoid having to pay too much if possible.

EDIT: would like to retain i-mid control too if possible.



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We have had a few threads come through about this. It's probably possible on your vehicle, but you need a interface that converts that remote 3.5mm plug to the wire harness of your car.

Im aware of 2 products that do it:

and found in another thread mention of this one that says it does the iMID integration you're looking for too

The issue you might run into is you have a non US spec car, most of our user base is in the USDM market, and we know some of the EDM and JDM cars have variations in wiring that make setting up us products like these challenging. Do you have access to the electrical troubleshooting manual for your car? it will help you find the right wires to tap.