9thcivic moderator squiggy has passed away


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I hate to be the one sharing this news, but squiggy has passed away. Many may know him from the tail of the dragon meets, his love of Halloween, Batman, or his civic si coupe and his Toyota mr2. There isn’t a lot of information right now, but it appears he passed away on Monday. Spidergirl was his wife who also attended the dragon meets. She’s planning a celebration of his life for January (but no set date yet).




If you’ve got some pics from the dragon, or anything at all you can feel free to post them in this thread. I’ll provide more updates as they come in. Rest in peace Lee
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Lee Michael Purdy, born July 11th, 1978 in Los Angeles, CA, passed away in his Osceola, IN home on December 4th, 2023. Son of Kim Dunne and Kerry Walters, he was preceded in death by his father, Michael Purdy, and grandparents, Ron & Jackie Pietrzak and Dixie Grooms. Lee is survived by his sister Becky (Alysia) Pietrzak, brother Sam Billings, Jennifer Purdy, his best friend and ex-wife after 17 years of marriage, and close friends Josh, Jeremy, Justin, and Brian.

Lee graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and went on to get three Master's degrees in Accounting, Management Information Technologies, and Business Administration & Management. He was also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Lee had an extensive and successful career which included the role of Associate Director of Finance & Budget at the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Library where he worked for almost 12 years, as well as Associate Faculty at Indiana University South Bend's Judd Leighton School of Business & Economics.

Lee was an avid Batman fan, comic collector, and martial arts enthusiast. He loved traveling, game nights with friends, movies, music, and even a theatre show sprinkled in here and there. Always quick with a witty comment and that smirk, he was there to provide advice, whether you knew you needed it or not. He may not have worn his emotions on his sleeve, but he loved his inner circle dearly and would've done anything and everything for them.

Lee was the most loyal friend you could ever ask for and we are all better off for having known him. <3

A celebration of life will be planned for a later date for which loved ones will be notified.
Thinking of Squiggy... makes me think of the others that haven't been on here.

Does anyone have contact with them? I still am in contact with some but not everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. :bighug:

Don’t mind my weird face….haha.

I mean.. it's still weird just has a ton of gray now right? ;) :giggle:
I miss those meets, the few that i was able to attend, havent heard from Squiggy in years...
Damn, i just leatned about this going through the threads...never got to meet him. But my interactions with him on here were always good ones. R.I.P. brother.