9thcivic's 2022 Toys For Tots Donation Thread


Toys For Tots
Toys for Tots - Give Now - You Made Christmas Wishes Come True
Across this great Nation of ours, children are waking up to presents under the tree because people like you gave so generously this year.
Just think of the joyous surprise … their delighted laughter … their faith in Santa restored because he remembered them this year.
Christmas wishes came true for so many less fortunate children and families today. We are deeply grateful for all the kind and caring people like you who made this day special. These children deserve all the Christmas hope and joy we can give them.
I hope your heart is filled with joy, too. On behalf of all of us at Toys for Tots, I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
Thank you again!
Ted Silvester
Colonel, USMC (Retired)
Vice President
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation