Car Sales 101- Everything you ever wanted to know....

Thanks guys...this is getting a lot clearer for me now.

I guess the ideal price to pay (for me anyway) would be $400 over invoice. That way the salesperson gets 25% = $100 and will hopefully be okay with that if its a quick sale.
Really, you should just try to get the deal that you feel is fair to you regardless of what you may or may not think the salesperson makes. There are lots of bonuses and special commisions and dealer cash incentives you may never know about that makes the $400 deal actually a $1400 deal. If a Sales Rep is good, and honest, the rest will follow for their paycheck. Make sure YOU are accomplishing what YOU want.

If you purchased a new car from me, even if it was a $400 deal or a -$400 deal I will still get paid. Also, because I'm a nationally ranked rep, I get a sizeable monthly bonus from the manufacturer as well..... So don't lose sleep over that, just do your homework and make sure you are being reatd the way you want to be treated! It's a new car, it should be an enjoyable experience!:dance:
This is definitely an old but very entertaining thread. I am not a young person by any stretch but I see a lot of naivte' here. The way I've been treated by dealerships through the years, I consider buying the new car buying experience an all out nuclear war. Dealerships hire consultants to train sales people how to manipulate, lie, drag out time, abuse, and milk potential customers for all they can squeeze then, as a final send off they beg you to fill out the questionaire positively so they won't get hurt somehow. Repeat business isn't even a consideration.

I work hard for my money and so are they to the point of being known as a sleazy business and well earned to be called that. I expect abuse through lying everytime I go near a dealership. They have earned the name "stealership". I know I will be castigated for this post so have at it. Car dealerships have marketing and sales down to a sleazy art. I always celebrate the day my car passes through warranty so I can do business with a good independent shop since warranties are nearly useless being that nothing happens in that newish time period. Just another point of view. The naive write bigger checks.