HELP!!! Brake issues


I have been working on my brakes for several days now and still having issues. I replaced my calipers, rotors, and pads for all wheels. I didn’t have any issues before this.

My front driver side caliper sliding pin had a leak so I did all kinda of troubleshooting. I bled the system countless times. I’ve used three different calipers ( all new ) but I still have a leak.

I just tried to do a test drive around the block and the brake was spongy. Also, the hill assist and power steering warning prompts lit up.

I’m all out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
just to clarify, the original caliper was leaking but non of the other ones you installed are leaking now but you have a spongy pedal?

are you able to take a pic of the caliper ?
the suspense is killing me. reason i wanted a picture of the caliper is because i suspect you put the calipers on the wrong side which puts the bleeder at the bottom and will never bleed properly causing your squishy pedal.