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KraftWerks Supercharger KRAZY Mega Group Buy!

11/6/14 UPDATE: This Group Buy is ON again!!! See details below.

We hope this will make the KraftWerks kit more affordable for those that were holding off on pulling the trigger because of the price.

The Group Buy discount will bring the price of the base kit (without a FlashPro) down to below $4100. That is over a $500 savings :spinning:off the normal List price! To get the discount code, simply email us at customercare@procivic.com with the title "KraftWerks Krazy Group Buy 9thCivic" and in the body of the email put your 9thcivic screen name. We will email you the special group buy discount code to use to purchase the product. You can use this code on the FlashPro version of this kit as well!

All orders must be in and paid for by the end of the day on November 30th, 2014, and the deal is limited to the KraftWerks kits we currently have in stock.

Please note that this price does not include shipping or taxes (for California customers only). Our website will automatically calculate shipping for you, or you can request a quote in your email to us (just provide us with your postal code).

KraftWerks product link to our website: Honda Civic KraftWerks Supercharger Kit


KraftWerks 9th Gen 2012+ Civic Si Rotrex Supercharger Info:
  • Total power output is about 330 hp and 240 ft-lbs when paired with a header and exhaust. Kit includes Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger unit, 1000cc Grams injectors, 10.8psi 120mm pulley, high-flow cast aluminum intake manifold, 23x7x3 front mount intercooler, charge and intake piping, Rotrex oil cooler and filter, recirculating bypass valve, and required mounting brackets and hardware.
  • Tech support provided by Kraftwerks USA.
  • Rotrex unit warranty is 2 years from date of purchase through Kraftwerks.
  • Retains Factory A/C and Accessories.
Each Kraftwerks Kit is based around the revolutionary Rotrex supercharger. What makes the Rotrex unit so different is the step up mechanism inside of the drive housing that is capable of generating impeller speeds up to 120,000 RPM. Rotrex calls their drive system a traction drive unit that utilizes planetary style "gears" to generate the impeller speeds usually only seen on turbo applications. The innovative part of these kits is the "gears" do not use teeth which are the common design of other centrifugal style superchargers. They use a special lubricating and cooling oil that also creates a high coefficient of friction when it is squeezed between the drive surfaces of the planetary gears and impeller shaft. This traction fluid is completely self contained from the engine and each Kraftwerks kit comes with an oil cooler, pump, filter, reservoir, and lines to make installation a breeze and add the durability that lesser thought out supercharger kits can be plagued by.

So what makes Kraftwerks supercharger kits different than other forced induction options?
  • When compared to turbocharging your car the Kraftwerks kit offers easier install, less complex piping, and a more linear boost curve. The Rotrex blower is still able to maintain high thermal efficiency thanks to its high speed impeller and step up design, just like a turbo. This gives you a linear boost curve so power builds evenly all the way to redline. Unlike a turbo which only gives you boost in upper RPM range and below that you are stuck waiting for the turbo to spool. Kraftwerks gives you boost as soon as you put the pedal down.
  • When you start comparing the Kraftwerks Rotrex supercharger kits to other superchargers you'll see how innovative they really are. There are two kinds of superchargers used in automotive applications. These are known as positive displacement and centrifugal superchargers. The positive displacement blowers are the evolution of the original supercharger design used on cars since the 1920's. These kits use two rotors inside of a housing that pulls air in around the outside of the rotors as they spin, and then forces it into the intake manifold by having the rotors seal against each other to not allow the intake air back out through the middle. These superchargers are typically mounted right to the intake manifold which makes it difficult to fit an intercooler in most modern cars. These superchargers are still used because they produce full boost at very low RPMs which makes for a very wide power band, but doesn't offer the top end gains of a turbo or centrifugal supercharger because they create lots of heat when pushed to their limits.
  • The Rotrex unit is centrifugal supercharger, but that doesn't mean it's the same as every other centrifugal supercharger out there. To start with, we come back to the size, since the Rotrex unit is such a high RPM design it is smaller than equivalent centrifugal superchargers from other manufacturers. This makes the Rotrex kit much easier to package in a modern car than other designs which can be as larger as 9" across. Try finding a place to mount a dinner plate in your engine bay where it would touch the belt. You can see how much compromise is required to mount one of those blowers in your car. The hallmark of all centrifugal blowers is the linear increase in boost as RPM's increase. This gives you a mild increase in power at lower RPMs that builds to the maximum boost right at redline. When your racing or doing any performance driving you use the higher RPM ranges so your never out of boost and since the supercharger is mounted at the drive belts on the front of the motor, it's easy to route the charge piping to the front bumper for an intercooler, which all Kraftwerks kits come with.
  • KraftWerks superchargers use a bypass valve, which allows the engine to run without seeing any boost until the throttle is depressed. As a result, highway cruising conditions keep the engine in closed-loop control, resulting in great fuel economy.
  • KraftWerks kits are designed for easy installation and all kits include detailed installation instructions. KraftWerks kits require anywhere from 4-10 hours of installation time, depending on the system and installer. However, if you believe that you cannot complete the installation, contact your local performance shop or automotive dealer for an installation estimate.
  • The Rotrex supercharger uses a unique traction fluid called Rotrex SX100. SX100 works by momentarily increasing viscosity under high surface pressure, enhancing the traction drive performance by securing the optimum friction between rolling elements while cooling and protecting the system. The Rotrex pumps its own oil and does not use engine oil, so there is no need to tap into your oil pan, or to even purchase a turbo timer. The Rotrex SX100 traction oil is available direct from KraftWerks.
  • There are absolutely no additional pieces required. Everything is included in each KraftWerks supercharger system.

Also, for those interested, here's a good video on how Rotrex technology works:

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da97pJrVp7I
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So after the first Group Buy on this, we had a mob of customers at our virtual doorsteps :itsme::itsme::itsme:wanting us to do it again. Well, that time has finally come, and this KraftWerks GB is on once more! See the first post for all the details. The base kit will still sell for below $4100 as before! :woowoo:
The deal has expired, and we haven't seen any indication that Skunk2 will renew it. However, if you PM me I can still give you a forum discount on this kit. Just let me know specifically which version you want.