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Magnaflow vs Borla


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So, for starters, my Si is a tenth. However, I know this group is knowledgeable on all things Si s as well as other makes. So, I’m looking to upgrade my exhaust and have narrowed it down to catback options from Magnaflow and Borla. The prices differential from Summit Racing is about $200 and all I can tell is that the MF is made from 409 Series SS where the Borla is 300 series. I’m not sure this material difference is really an issue for me either. The 400 is still far superior to the stock steel. I’ve been reading in my research that the Borla is considered the high end option while MF is considered the budget friendly option. I always thought MF was one of the best, if not the best aftermarket exhaust manufacturer. My main reason for the upgrade is sound. I want a nice low guttural sound and not something farty. I’m also running the Hondata flash pro so I’m hoping I can realize additional HP gains although this is not as important. So, short story long, does anyone have a preference between the two and why? Your input is appreciated. Oh, and Go Browns!

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Since you live in the snow belt/rust/salt region, I would opt for something made from 304. It’ll last through the environment you deal with in NE Ohio. That’s my advice at least. 304 will still get surface rust, but far superior to 409.