Midlife Crisis Season


I used to run autocross every weekend in the summer months but having kids, career and moving pulled me away from series registering since 2008. I did the odd event here and there though. The last event I did before this season was 2016.

In April I got laid off so I picked up a 2015 lx and a set of tires. Used my free time to put on the mods that made the biggest difference on my 8th gen. My favorite local series got delayed until August due to losing a venue so I've only done 2 events so far. But they are running an 8 event season into the fall.

My first time out this season was pretty rough and I had no clean runs. Cones on every run!

This video was from my 2nd time out and it went much better. No cones all day. Still gotta clean up my act to leave less time out there but the event left me with that "I'm back baby!" Feeling.

View: https://youtu.be/e0umfbYNbaE
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