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QC on Carbon Fiber Plate Frame


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Just wanted to make others aware/ think twice before ordering the 2 bolt design.

Very Disappointed in the QC on your 2 Bolt Carbon Fiber Plate Frame. Was slightly twisted when I received it. Molding must have been off when it was being made! ;/ Over time it just kept getting worse and now it to the point it just looks like sh!t on the car. I took it off and ordered the 4 bolt. I org. wanted this plate frame as it matches my 2016 Acura ILX A-Spec factory oem lip kit carbon fiber lips kit, hopping your 4 bolt's QC is better.

Also buy's note that it's not good to get the 2 bolt as it rattles when opening an closing trunk. not dot get this design if you can, go for the 4 bolt!

not trying to sand bag you ProCivic but you guys need to make sure product is A+ before shipping.





I actually haven't seen warping that bad on one of our plates yet. I agree it looks like either something went wrong in terms of a manufacturing defect, or it was stored improperly for awhile. Most of us here have this exact same plate installed, and the only issue that we have is when the trunk is closed quickly, it will rattle just for a split second. You also need to make sure you don't over-tighten the top bolts, or the bottom can come out a bit. Unfortunately this exact design is not available in a 4 bolt pattern. Our 4 bolt one is a slightly different style. It's all subjective though, some like the 4 bolt look better anyways.

Can you PM me your Order # so I can make sure everything is handled properly with this return and your new order?