Intake cleaning, how?

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    my car has about 11k miles, I heard ppl talking about fuel injector / intake / throttle body (TB) cleaning.
    I just poured a can of BG 44K in the tank before filling up tonight. unfortunately the can and the funnel did not hook well, some 44K got on the paint, I didn't see it got on the tire... I have decided to switch to Redline fuel injector cleaner next year because Redline is a detergent based cleaner that would not take on rubber.

    How would you do the intake cleaning? I saw different opinions about seaform. the cleaning process looks not simple. I do not know how to perform it on my 2013 Civic Si .

    then what about TB? this might be worrying too early about it, but it's good to know what to expect when it's due.
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    Yea be careful when doing an induction to not let too much liquid get sucked down the intake and hydro lock the motor. Easy way to limit that is add a T or two inline from your bottle to the intake. The open passage to air creates a venturi effect and aerates you stream. More T's you add more air can be introduced into your mixture. Cleaning our TB is simple and you can use some of the seafoam on a rag and wipe the inside or brake clean works as well. I do a TB clean every oil change cause it's so easy to do and keeps things in check. I do inductions every 10k since I have free chemicals from work, probably about 10 kits now in total lol but id say 15-20k on induction svc is about ideal. Also if you really want a smoke cloud and to get more carbon out, get your car hot, do half the bottle of whatever chemical you have and then shut the car off. Not all chemical will be burned till you drive it so it pools up in the intake. Shutting the hot car off will allow the chemical to basically eat away any carbon/oil residue that has run down as well. After about 15-20 min crank it up and do the 2nd half. Drive it afterwards to get everything through the intake.

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