K20z3 Headswap Troubles

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    Has anyone on here completed a K20z3 headswap that could help me out? I put the entire head on my stock block but am having troubles with starting. If i try to start it, it will turn over fine but will never start, however if I disconnect the camshaft sensors, it WILL start and run... Any ideas? I'm at a loss here
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    You just bolted a k20z3 head on a k24z7 block without any internal changes?

    I've been looking into thus and speaking with John from hytech who is the one who actually built the HPD cars with the head swap.

    He said you'll need rods and pistons because the z7 pistons have a higher dome than others and will cause interference, and you have to change the rods because the rod wrist pin is a different diameter than previous K series rods so you can just bolt up and K series pistons to the z7 rods.

    The A2 oil pump requires a lot of fabrication to work, like a modified windage tray which also means you need to modify the oil pan.

    And if your removing all these parts it also means you need new bearings and gaskets.

    So your gonna needs a head, all gaskets and bearings, as well as Honda bound/ gasket maker.
    see how this can be expensive.


    hybrid racing has a writeup for a k24/k20 build, and it mentions this -

    Once the engine is back together, you can now begin to reinstall all of the other components (i.e. Intake manifold, water pump, alternator, engine wiring harness).

    • Note: When installing the engine wiring harness, the Crank Position Sensor (CKPS) will not work with the K24. Be sure to get the K24 sensor and sensor plug. Make sure to wire the sensor the same way.

    You could also hit up this guy. He apparently does k20 head swaps on 9th gens.

    "You can find me on Instagram under k20z3allmotor or email me at k20z3allmotorftw@gmail.com"

    someone provided a parts list for a k20 head swap here
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    I can't imagine building a engine like this, its not a easy thing to do:squirrel:

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