Spec D projector headlights with Xenon HID

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    Hi guys,

    I know the best of retrofit and the cons of running after market headlights.

    However I've noticed some guys with 9th Gen civic running Spec D headlights.

    I agree it's very stylish and I like it.

    If I add Xenon HID kit, how's the output?

    I'm thinking if this is an okay combo setup before going to retrofit route.

    And I don't want any hack or tweak. Plug and play is perfect for me.

    Any information and opinions is appreciated.


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    I had the Spec D headlights with HIDs and I wasn't a fan lol. The light output wasn't terrible, totally functional, but all the flaws in the projectors were just intensified by the HIDs. The high beams were pretty bad so I ended up just having my fog lights on all the time instead. And since I had HIDs in the high beam, I had to have my lights on all the time because of the DRL error code I'd get if I turned them off. And I'm sure this is pretty rare, but my LED strip in one of the lights went out about a month after I bought them.

    As for the wiring itself I can't remember much about it. You have to splice the LED wire from the headlights into your markers and I think I remember having to file part of holes for the bulbs down for the HIDs. But they are definitely easier to install than retrofits lol.

    But yeah they definitely do look good and the light output isn't terrible, just wasn't what I was looking for.
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