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DIY 2012 Civic Si Manual Transmission Fluid Change

ron v

Fuego from San Diego
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Si Coupe
2.2 technically I think without looking?


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I had this done at the dealership and noticed they charged me for 3 quarts of MT fluid...is it 2 or 3...or did I get ripped off?
Per the owners manual 2.0 quarts exactly

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Hello again, been gone for a long time. So, I ran Redline for about 10k miles, although I didn't drive the car much it was in the transmission for a good amount of time. Anyone in cold climates, anything below 45-50F (yes "cold") Redline is so notchy, takes too long to warm up to operating temp for my A to B travels. I have since gone back to Honda MTF (Easily able to get off Amazon now) and I'm enjoying it so much more now that I've used other fluids. Wish I was wrong that Honda MTF wasn't super good at what it does. Well, looks like I'll be sticking with it for any future Honda's I get.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I'd totally go back to Redline if I was able to stay in a warmer climate ex; San Diego where I was for a long period of time. Redline defiantly isn't a bad choice, just not a good choice in my daily.
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