2024 Acura Integra Type S

The FK8 Type R ended up being slightly under 1,000 units a year. I think it was right around 4,700-4,800 total for the 5 year run. Not sure how it broke down per year.

200 total units for year one seems dumb but might not be out of the question for 200 for US units. Seems low but you never know, especially since the FL5 Type R was going to be a lower production compared to the FK8.
Are you okay with autotragic in the tlx? You gain sh-awd though
I would prefer a manual, but old age is doing weird things where I actually start to not mind assisted-living features. Don't tell anyone that though.
I would go for the Type S if it could be had at a lower price.
I would go for the Type S if it could be had at a lower price.

Wonder how much over the MSRP ($52,595) it will go for. A local dealership to me has 2 on their website for MSRP... but they probably would mark them up when you reached out..
ive heard dealers are pushing up to 75-80 with markups on them
Just looked at an Integra Type S. It’s better looking in person than I thought it would. Depending on the dealer, there’s little markup or big markup. Dealer I was just at has an extra allocation in performance white with black interior coming in September.

Debating on putting a down on it. It fits the bill and easier to swallow the $55k than $70k for everything else out there I was looking at.
i saw one the other day, it sounded fantastic!