12 Day Of Xmas 9thcivic 12 Days Of Xmas Dec 5th 2014 Entry Thread

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Toys For Tots
:santadance: This will be the Dec 5th entry page. :santadance:

What will you win?
EVERYTHING listed on the Dec 5th page

For the next 12 days, we'll be giving one lucky winner a chance to win all of the prizes listed!
How do you win?
All you have to do is post in the daily xmas giveaway threads. Each day a new thread will be started. To participate, all you have to do is post in that thread! You'll automatically be entered to win on that day. Make sure you come back and post each day, so you've got a chance to win!
Can I win more than once?
We will have 12 different winners in the contest. If you win one day, you are not eligible to win any other dates.
Can anyone enter?
Anyone who's been a member for 30+ days and has 30+ posts on their account can enter. The contest is for members and staff.
How will the winner be chosen?
Each day a random number will be drawn. If your post is on that number, you win!

Questions? Xmas chat thread here-
Post 1 time in this thread to be entered into the day of drawings. Duplicates will result in losing your entry. Check back tomorrow for the next entry thread.


**Extra bonus for those who donated to Toys For Tots!**
I will personally enter an additional entry for anyone who's donated to Toys For Tots this year. At the end of the thread, I will add an additional entry for each user who's donated. All you have to do is post once! Click the logo above for more info.
Not open for further replies.