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9thcivic Tail of the Dragon II: The Itinerary


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Complete and finalized itinerary, some things have changed, keep in mind I will only print out a few, not 30-40 of them. It's up to you to print you own if you desire, but the doc. file is attached for your convenience.

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I will try my best to hold to these times, as last year some thing fell by the wayside, I tried to 'simplify' everything so there wouldn't be too many things going on at once.
Wednesday 9/11:

8:00PM - Depart Fontana for a drive around 8PM (keep in mind RT 28 between Fontana and Deal's Gap is closed, we're taking the alternate route to RT129 in Tapoco). Hang out at the lodge or the awesome cabin afterwards (optional)

Thursday 9/12:

7:00 AM – 4:00PM – All day crusing the dragon / rt28 / skyway / or where ever you desire to go. As proven last year, morning runs are the best time to get out there, be mindful of the detour and plan accordingly for extra time. I may lead a group run on the dragon earlier, then down to the skyway. (I will stop in Robbinsville afterward to pick up food)

5:00PM - Dinner at the Wildwood Grill at Fontana Lodge. (this is not being reserved / catered by me, just show up and get an outside table, weather permitting, as you normally would)

6:30PM - Depart Fontana for a spirited drive. (before the detour is effective; quicker time to get to the Dragon)

9:00PM - Small get-together / meet & greet at the Bear's Den Lounge at Fontana (meet at the lobby by 8:30)
Friday 9/13:
8:00AM - Depart Fontana for a several hour drive covering the backroads of north Georgia and maybe South Carolina (departing from death_roll's cabin). Led by ETF.

8:00PM –Extreme Ping Pong Tournament, round 1, located in the game room; the trophy will be awarded after the tournament is over (we still haven't figured out how someone wins)

11:00PM – Potential night run to the skyway (weather / conditions permitting)
Saturday 9/14:
6:30-7:00AM – Breakfast at death_roll's cabin, self explanatory, I will be offering the traditional breakfast items to fuel up for the big drive (pancakes, french toast, eggs, waffles, sausage, bacon, cereal, etc., let me know in advance if you plan on being there)

8:00AM – The exhaust video. Meet at the small parking lot outside the Wildwood grill. I will start ferrying people up to the start spot at

8:30AM. 11:00AM – Group drive on the skyway (This is pretty much open for anyone to drive anywhere or do something else in the area (sightsee, jet skis, etc.).

3:00PM – Group photos with all of the cars and attendees at Fontana Dam. Voting for the vehicles will be held at this time as well.

Voting for:
Best use of painter's tape (wins a trophy)
Best Obnoxious Car Decorations (wins assorted 'artsy' prizes)
Spicy Food Challenge (wins assorted spices / hot sauces)
Favorite 9th gen civic (wins assorted small prizes)
Favorite8th gen civic (wins assorted small prizes)
My Choice (wins one large prize)

6:00PM - Evening dinnerand cookout at death_roll's, and surrounding cabins reserved by the other attendees. BYOF / BOYB is accepted, I will post a menu as we get closer to the big weekend. I do hope you have a palate for hot foods.

This is when the "Spicy Food Challenge" will be added, bring your own food and we can all taste and judge

8:00PM - Pool tournament, and round 2 of Extreme Ping Pong, located in the game room; the trophies will be awarded after the tournament is over.

10:00PM – TBD, potential night run on the dragon or skyway
Sunday 9/15:
8:00AM - Breakfast at Mountview Restaurant (optional)



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Yes, a big thank you Mr.Death_Roll. It looks really really fun! I can't wait!


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I go with the flow. Just tell me where we are going and what we are doing and I'm down.


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I should be finalizing the itinerary this weekend (in between tearing the G35 apart), I'll post the doc. file in this thread so you can print it out at your leisure. Saves work and time for me not to lug around 30 printed itineraries.