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    Got the P2R TBS for the R18 engine! Install took a lot longer than it should've, due to some complications.
    Let's get started.
    Remember to always wear appropriate safety protection before doing anything!


    First off, you will need a 13mm socket, 12mm socket, 5.5mm socket or a small screwdriver, and a 10mm socket. A long needle nose plier would help too, and gloves are recommended.

    I did the mod from Rob on the gasket so I wouldn't have a Check Gas Cap message. I used a Dremel and grinded a small passage down until it smelled like melting candles. It was roughly 1.5mm deep.


    Just a general view of the intake.

    First, take the intake box out. There are two 10mm bolts down below in front and to the right. Unhook the intake tubing in front and the tube to the back. Don't forget to take out the MAF sensor as well (in picture).


    Unhook every hose leading to the throttle body. If you're macho enough, you could use your hands, but I used pliers. There should be 4 hoses unhooked and some coolant will spill out. I wore gloves here but I have had some coolant get into a few cuts on my hand. Felt like alcohol.


    Now remove the rubber tubing (5.5mm socket/small screwdriver to loosen the bracket) and your throttle body is now exposed. Take out the two wires that are inserted into the body and remove the 4 screws (12mm)


    Now with your throttle body out of the way, you see an orange O-ring seal. Leave it alone. Also there are two black bolts on each side that are part of the thing you're screwing onto. Those are generally loose. Do not let them fall into the engine bay like I did and spend another two hours looking for the damn thing.


    Now, put in order: The metal P2R plate, the throttle body gasket, then the throttle body. Screw it all in with the provided 13mm screws. Put all the hoses back (One will be a tight squeeze as it almost isn't long enough) and put the intake back. Do not forget to put the MAF sensor back in as well!


    The badly lit picture above should crudely show what it looks like upon completion.. more or less..
    Now I have pretty much felt no difference. But maybe performance will show an improvement on the drag strip or something. But there it is!


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