Anyone here a beer advocate?

You will like Dos's an easy drinker.....
Might have to pick some up.

I haven't been drinking much lately. No particular reason.

I went out to lunch with my wife and her two friends on Sunday afternoon and got an SMOKING MAPLE OLD FASHIONED

* tap maple rye whiskey, cinnamon simple, muddled orange, toschi cherry

I liked it :thumb:
When in…..umm…Spain?

Tastes like a light lager? It’s ok. I like the “no pregnant drinking” label and yes, 18 to drink here.

really late to the game on this one and not much of a drinker but these are pretty damn tasty


my wife loves these, really tasty too

Grand Canyon Brewery
I believe this is the Amber. The Bed & Breakfast we just got to the owner gave me this and my wife white wine. :thumbsup:

That’s a good selection of beers. Out here it seems like on 16 taps, 12 are IPA, a couple lagers, an amber, and a cider. I’d love to have a place with such a variety
I don't do IPA's so I didn't try any of them.