Are headlights for the 2012 coupe specific to the 2012 model year?


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I'm looking to pick up an extra set of OEM headlights that I can send off to be retrofitted. The part numbers I have are (L) 33150-TR0-A01 and (R) 33100-TR0-A01. When I check various part catalog websites, those seem to be specific to the 2012. The 2013 - 2015 models have the part number (L) 33150-TR0-A51 and (R) 33100-TR0-A51.

Looking at photos, some 2013- 2015 Civics seem to have a different headlight design with a "notch" on the bottom which matches up with a "notch" on the bumper. Other photos seem to show the same headlight design as the 2012.
2012 and 2013 coupes have the same nose. In 2014, the nose was updated on the coupes as well as the headlights, so those wouldn’t be compatible.

The sedans, I believe had the same headlights from 2012-2015, with a new front bumper design coming in 2013. Those might be compatible with the coupe lights. I know people used to swap coupe and sedan bumpers.
The 2012 coupe below has a full amber color reflector in the side of the headlight


the 2013 coupe headlights (below) have a smaller sliver of amber color in the side of the headlight


that is why the part numbers are different from the 2012. The 2014+ coupe uses a totally different headlight that isn't a direct fit on the 2012. Both the 2012-2013 coupe lights will work. You just need to know about the amber color.
Ah, that would explain why some 2014+ models have the notched headlight and others don't. Having a look through parts catalogs the coupe headlights appear to be the same 2012 - 2013 but change 2014+. The sedan headlights are the same from 2012 - 2015.
Thanks! According to parts catalogs, the sedan from 2012 - 2015 uses the same style of headlights as the 2012 - 2013 coupe.