Are Overlays Worth Getting?


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I have been thinking about overlays for a while, I just do not want anything too eye catchy for cops to pull me over or give me any issues (no smoke tint, green/changing colors). If anyone has them installed please let me know how they are, if the installation is not too bad (I have seen DIY videos and it seems not too tricky, more the fact you need patience). I'm looking at the red overlays.

This is my first time considering doing this to a car, so I am unsure and would like advice.

I know GrafiXpressions sell similar, but the ones from Premium look nice as well.

Link to the product here:

Thank you in advance!
I have pink Overlays on my reverse lights. It's not hard at all -- The flatness of the FG3 Civics' taillights make it easier than normal to apply overlay decals. Same deal with the headlamps. It only becomes tedious afterward when you have to get the soapy water out from underneath with the wedge. If you have a garage or access to one, pull up a foldable chair with your beverage of choice and some music/sports radio/audio book playing. It makes an otherwise slow process pretty enjoyable. Mine are from GrafiXpressions, primarily because I'm a sucker for stickers and picked up a few while I was at it :D. Their Overlays also are a little oversized which makes it easy to place them.

Some quick advice: 1) Don't press *too* hard while wedging, a little elbow grease is fine, but there is a breaking point. 2) Some of the water will work its way out on its own near the edges over time if you have some stubborn spots. 3) The lights have a little bump on them near the middle that sometimes gets mistaken for an air bubble.

Good Luck, and show us pictures!