Bike rack

I used my Thule trunk mount with my specv. It cleared the wing on it. The new si sedan wing I don't think it will clear. I'm a bit bummed. Was thinking maybe under the spoiler, I just haven't brought my rack outside to try it.
There are some very nice trunk mount racks out there but you always run the risk of scratching the paint where ever the rack contacts the car. Even the ones with really nice feet on them. Also I never felt they were as secure as any of the other options.

That said I have never had an issue using one either. I really like the saris bones rack if you wanted to just get a trunk rack to get by for a bit.

Saris Bones Rack - $130 range. Super adjustable and pretty sturdy. You can definitely clear a small spoiler with it and adjust it from trunk to hatchback to SUV.


I have this same bike rack. I have a Single Speed mountain bike that I never ride. I got the Civic and was like pshhhhh I would never strap a bike rack to my car - sold the bike - put the money towards exhaust!
could you do me a favor? could you measure the length between the crossbars. pretty much how far apart they are from each other. I have a kayak and am wondering if it will work on the roof rack im going to buy soon without having to get an extended spread kit.