(CA) Smog - Referee Referral


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Hi All,

I'm in CA and I was denied a smog test. I got referred to referee for inspection. It's for a "Data Check Failure" saying my ECU has been tampered with.

I have a 2012 Civic Si with a Hondata Reflash which is CARB approved (CARB EO D-742). Sent my ECU to Hondata -- I do not have Flash Pro. Do I need to worry about failing the functional test with the referee? My first appointment with them is via phone call before in-person due to COVID. Should I just let them know the truth?

Ecu’s have to be stock in California to pass. If u have the carb number then u can show them and maybe they’ll accept it. Like when they do visual inspections and check for the carb stickers if u have headers, intake, etc.

my friend who passes my obd1 cars all the time said he won’t touch my car if my Ecu is modded.
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