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Can you put a J35 TB and RDX Injectors on a Stock Intake manifold?


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So a place I work at has a dead RDX in the back of the lot that is probably going to scrap. I am thinking of asking if I can pull the throttle body and injectors off the car for my 9th gen SI. I currently have a stock intake manifold on the car and was wondering if the injectors and TB would even fit. Or if the inlet on the intake manifold was even large enough for the j35's outlet. I don't want to go for the RBC just yet. I am aware that hardmotion has a kit for the car that fits it all that. I just think the low end loss for the small top end gain isn't worth it for where the project is at. I figure if I can scavenge some upgrades why not.


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You'll need an adapter for the TB, but the injectors are plug and play. I've seen the ZDX to Stock mani adapter, but didn't readily find a j35 to stock adapter.

And you'll definitely need a FlashPro for it to work.