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    Sedan, LX.
    2013 Civic LX has only idiot lights and no real gauges for: engine temp, oil pressure, and charging state.
    So I got the "Torque" engine management on line and bought a $10.00 OBD II blue tooth wireless reader.

    The Torque program has limited number of readings I can decipher, so I only installed the Engine Temp gauge
    and intake temp to my SS Galaxy 7 phone. Reads and sends info to the custom dials on the phone.

    On my 2018 Kia Stinger GT 3.3 turbo, the OBD II has a boost gauge, the GT can get 14.3 lbs of boost. As well as intake

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    torque app definitely seems to be the way users get the gauges they want for cheap. A number of users here have used it as well.
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    How about a real temp guage install not a sci fi cheapo, it can't be that hard. Where would you tap in for the real temp guage- this was al ways a sore point with me as wheels as the tpns going off if you wanted after market wheels, honda did not have to force the issue with turning on the tnps if you installed wheels without tnps but they did. I want to know how the car is warming up-all honda did was put a blue light on when cold and a heat sensor that says your all ready over heated car is dying Making the sensor use less.:bananapoke:

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