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Erratic Idle After Calibration Upload


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Ontario Canada
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Honda Civic SI
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Sorry I didn't update James... :)

It turned out that I needed to completely let my car 'relearn' itself after my upload. What I did was:

1) Unplug the negative cable and let the car sit for 15min
2) Replugged and re-uploaded the calibration
3) Turned on the car with HONDATA still plugged to the car
4) Waited and watched the ECT until the car completely warmed up to normal op temperature, ( around 180 F) then started driving. She drove like a charm.

Steve also tuned me with E-tunez, and we finished after 11 revisions. He will get your SI running nicely.
Good to hear.
Mine still has a bad idle for the first 5 or so seconds on cold starts. Was amazed at how different the engine felt after the first few revisions. One noticable difference I had a weird dead spot when accelerating sometimes around 3000rpm. That is now gone, notice more power throughout the power band.