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Honda Insider Claims S2000 Could Be Coming For 25th Anniversary


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2024 S2000 In The Works?

According to a source close to Honda, the brand’s marketing gurus are seriously considering the launch of a next-generation S2000 with a lot more power that could surface to celebrate the coupe’s 25th anniversary in 2024.

Body proportions for the new S2000 will apparently remain similar to the original model, but with slimmer headlights and more aluminum and carbon-fiber will be used in construction to keep weight down below 3000 lbs.

The original s2000 pumped out 250hp from it's naturally aspirated 2 liter 4 cylinder engine. The new s2000 model is rumored to use a tweaked civic type r motor capable of 320hp & 295 tq. There is also talk of a setup that would yield around 350hp . Covid could play a part in the 2nd generation s2000 for 2024, but there is some hope that 2024 could see a new S2000.


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I wanted to get an AP2 but it was sold out from under me so maybe this time will be different