Honda Trademarks The Prelude Name - New Car Coming? With/Updates


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A new trademark filing and Honda's 75th anniversary being around the corner have people speculating.


A trademark filing by Honda on August 15 could hint at the return of the name that was once revered for its innovation. Honda initially made a trademark application a couple of years ago for the Prelude name to be used for merchandise. However, the latest development, discovered by MotorTrend, prevents competitors from using the badge on an actual vehicle, which could suggest — if interpreted with a great deal of optimism — that Honda is looking at assigning the moniker to an all-new creation.

Before you get too excited, it’s entirely possible that Honda is considering putting the Prelude name on a crossover or SUV. It could be a dedicated EV platform.

Of course, there’s the other rumor that has been floating around that the company is planning to do something special for its 75th anniversary. The company famously unveiled the S2000 for its 50th anniversary. Honda did tease two electric sports cars last year when they announced plans to launch 30 EVs globally by 2030. Plus, with the Integra name making a comeback for Acura, there is precedent to back up the theory.

If the Prelude were to return as an EV sports car, it would almost certainly be based on the e:N architecture and feature a rear-mounted electric motor. Honda has also hinted that they have no qualms in giving the world an electric Type R, opening the doors of possibility to something that could even rival the next generation of Boxster/Cayman.

The 50th anniv S2000 was basically a concept car. Who is to say Honda would do the sale for the Predule......which would be super lame.
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The 50th anniv S2000 was basically a concept car. Who is to say Honda would do the sale for the Predule......which would be super lame.

The part that’s weird is why trademark the name 20yrs later, and file it so other brands can’t use it as a vehicle name?

The Prelude name hasn't adorned a Honda here in the U.S. since the 2001 model year, but it made some waves two years ago when it appeared in a separate trademark filing from Honda pertaining to merchandise such as hats and shirts.

What makes this newer trademark application so juicy is that it's for an actual vehicle—or at least, the trademark protects Honda's rivals from using it for a vehicle.
Maybe they just “renewed” the trademark on the name? Just so no one else can use the name. Who knows….
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it's a new trademark though. The other trademark they filed in 1987 is still active and "live".

this trademark is from 1987 for "AUTOMOBILES AND STRUCTURAL PARTS"
1987 Trademark

it was renewed in 2019, so this trademark is live/active

they have others for merchandise around the prelude name, but now they filed a new one -

August 15, 2023 for "Land vehicles, namely, automobiles and automotive structural parts"
2023 Trademark

So I guess we know it's not going to be a boat or plane? :think:

It just doesn't make much sense since they already have a "live" trademark that prohibits automotive companies from using the prelude name. Why file another trademark that basically says the exact same thing?