HPDE: HFP Suspension vs Tein Flex Z


Hello all
I've got a 2012 Civic Si that I am using to learn HPDE/Track days. The goal is to learn proper track lines. I'm not doing any power mods or going for lap records - just trying to have fun. My car is a 2012 Si HFP, 195,000 km/ 121k miles. I got the car broken late spring, and have fixed it + caught up on all maintenance. The car is bone stock powertrain wise.

Currently has:
HFP Springs
Rear dampers are Excel KYB Stock replacements
Front dampers are OE Honda with 190,000 km on it. (no leak, just feeling a bit tired)
HFP 18x7 wheels with 215/40/18 Indy 500's

How much better would the car be with a Tein Flex Z kit, vs simply installing replacement KYB Excel G dampers in the front as well?
(I will be installing a Progress 22mm sway bar as well).
you may want to talk with @bry_si

my understanding is the truhart shocks are supposedly close to the original hfp shocks in performance.
His page is an amazing resource. Thank you.
I am leaning towards the Truharts or KYB Excel-G right now. I do not need ultimate performance - and for a cheap price I can get quality dampers that are sort of matched to the HFP lowering springs.
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