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iPhone 6s recording

Vahag Chakerian

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As time goes by our phones have been developed to record is great quality. My iPhone 6s's quality meets my standards of recording my cabin without getting a go pro. But I have one issue and that is not knowing what tripod or way of putting my phone wrapped around my seat without it falling. You guys use any specific tripods or setups for your phones? Any suggestions ?


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and actually, nomar's version may actually be better for recording video. You have to think about vibration. A mount that is directly tied to the headrest post may have more vibration than one that is just kind of wrapped around the seat in some way. His may work better for recording.


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I use the camera on my old iPhone 4S (can recorded 1080p), I have a big case one it and I sandwiched it between the passenger head rest and seat. Works great. You can see the dash, imid and speedo. mic is pretty good as well, sometimes too good and I can hear the rattle from the B piller.

Here's a snapshot:


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I like the 3 legged octopus, because it can sit or hang from most anything. As far as using the passenger headrest post, there comes a problem of what to use when you have a passenger in the car....... Not to mention there's a proper height that the rest should be according to whose using the seat.(For the peeps that use it while a passenger is in the seat).