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Want To Buy Looking for factory downpipe and cats.


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Fayetteville, NC
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Civic Si
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Hey guys, so when I bought my 2015 Si sedan I had no idea the previous owner decided to just weld some janky exhaust on the car until I went to replace that exhaust with my yonaka exhaust. Since I have no flange to mount to the downpipe for the exhaust because he welded it, I can't mount my yonaka catback. Just looking to see if anyone is getting rid of their oem stuff. I don't have flash pro, so I'm not wanting to go for a catless downpipe. Just hit me up I'm trying to stay pretty low budget, but shoot me an offer of what you'd want for yours. Thanks y'all. Be safe out there and keep loving your 9th gens!


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So they cut off the oem downpipe flange where it mates to a catback exhaust and welded a pipe to it? Any pics? You may be able to get a exhaust shop to weld a flange back on in the oem location if it’s not too bad?